You can borrow money against your cryptocurrency with Dukascopy Bank financing. Instantly receive 50% of the value of your cryptocurrency while keeping your investments.

  • Get instant cash and use without restriction
  • Professionally manage your crypto investment
  • Open your multi-currency account in a Swiss bank
  • No need to repay your loan



Current market value is 29455.8 USD

Get cash on your bank account 1458.06 USD
Get on you trading account 1458.06 USD
A long margin position of 0.1 BTC/USD will be opened at 30.211 USD per coin on the trading sub-account
Fee (1%) 29.46 USD

How it works?

  1. Open a multi-currency bank account (MCA).

  2. Transfer your cryptocurrency from your blockchain wallet to your MCA.

  3. Find the transferred crypto in the 'Investments' section of MCA. Select the option "Crypto lending/borrowing".

  4. Sign the proposed 'Trading Agreement' to get an e-mail with login credentials of your trading subaccount.

  5. In your MCA account, you will find 50% of your investment market value in fiat.

  6. In your trading sub-account, you will find another 50% of your investment market value in fiat as collateral, and your crypto investment as an open position.

By following these steps, you can move your cryptocurrencies from the blockchain to your Dukascopy MCA account and access the funds. You are free to use the received fiat currency as you need it.



Suppose you fund your MCA account with 0.1 Bitcoin from your blockchain wallet when Bitcoin price is $20,000. If you select the option to keep your investment and get 50% of its value:

  • 0.1 Bitcoin has a market value of $2,000.
  • $1,000 (50% of its market value) will be credited to your MCA account.
  • The remaining $1,000 (50% of its market value) will be credited to your newly opened trading sub-account.
  • A long position of 0.1 BTC/USD will be opened on your trading account at the same price of $20,000 per Bitcoin.
  • All of these operations are automated. In this example, you will have $1,000 in your MCA account, $1,000 in your trading account, and still retain your initial investment of 0.1 Bitcoin on the trading account.
  • For a sake of simplicity in the example above, the commission of 1% for incoming crypto transfer is omitted.

Manage Your Transferred Investments

The trading account is specifically designed for managing your transferred investments. You will receive login instructions to access the Bank's trading platform - JForex. You can also transfer your investments back to your MCA account upon request, without any fees, as long as you have enough funds in your MCA account.


and Variety

While MCA accounts have limited investment options, transferring to JForex provides access to over 1200 trading instruments. Moreover, the trading account requires less funds, making it easier to add positions. JForex offers various tools, such as a graphical interface, pending orders, and price alerts, to help you monitor and manage your investments more efficiently.

For more information on JForex trading accounts, please visit the Dukascopy website at You also have the option to open DEMO trading accounts for testing purposes.


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